Engineering company based in Nottinghamshire

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The Challenge

Having been let down by their current telephony provider during a system migration s3 Communications came to their rescue at the 11th hour.

The Solution

After engagement with the client and their IT partner, s3 Communications planned and implemented a full hosted PBX Instance for the client.

The feature set originally requested by the client was fully enabled and configured ready for use. Current handsets were utilised, saving time and money and the client’s SIP provision was also utilised.

A full test and handover to the client was carried out smoothly with no issues.

 The Result

The outcome of this implementation was a happy customer, who didn’t experience any fallout from what could have been a problem for the business.

The client now has a fully managed and maintained, hosted PBX, delivering exactly what was requested at the outset.

*Due to data protection & customer confidentiality we do not publish client details.

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