Manufacturing company based in County Durham

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The Challenge

System migration from managed office telephony to their own independent hosted cloud based VoIP PBX.

The Solution

A cloud PBX was deployed for the client, based on a set of pre-defined requirements. Over 30 handsets were deployed throughout the office, based on several models.

A digital Receptionist and associated Queues were deployed, with defined rules controlling the path of calls coming into the business.

A softphone was setup for the receptionist, to enable full visibility of calls coming in and out of the business and the status of the queues. This softphone was linked to a desk phone using the CTI functionality to enable integration.

The Result

The client now has a new hosted PBX and handsets in their new offices. This has given them a feature rich experience and added functionality such as call Queues and the ability to work as a team, within their own queues.

A management layer has also been added for the receptionist, giving visibility and management functionality.

In the near future a second office is planned, this solution will enable the client to expand their telephony to this new office with minimal effort.

*Due to data protection & customer confidentiality we do not publish client details.

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