Printing Solutions company based in Cheshire

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The Challenge

With their existing telephony system contract coming to an end system migration to their own independent hosted cloud based VoIP PBX with increased functionality whilst cutting costs.

The Solution

A cloud PBX was deployed for the customer, based on a set of pre-defined requirements with new handsets deployed throughout the main office and factory.

Associated Queues were deployed, with defined rules controlling the path of calls coming into the business during and outside office hours. Existing numbers were ported over with no downtime.

The Result

The outcome of this implementation was another satisfied customer, who didn’t experience any disruption from what would have been a problem for this particular business.

This customer now has a fully supported and managed cloud PBX, delivering a rich feature set, befitting to their business type.

Members of staff can now use telephony services on desk phones, softphones, web client and also mobile devices from any location should they require.

*Due to data protection & customer confidentiality we do not publish client details.

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