The Benefits of Call Queuing For Your Business

Call Queuing is a great solution to ensuring that your business loses as little clientele as possible. When numerous customers/clients are trying to contact you, sometimes there are just not enough hands to cover the phones; as a result of this, customers are cut off and communication lines are dropped. This can lead to frustrated pre-existing and potential customers which is something that, as a business owner, you definitely want to avoid. 

To do this, have you ever considered a call queuing system? Call Queuing uses an intelligent queuing mechanism that expands the number of calls your telephone system can hold at one time. This means that instead of your clientele listening to irritating dial tones or being told that the line is unavailable, your customer will be put in an orderly queue and reassured that they will be seen to as soon as a line becomes available. 

Read on to learn more about how introducing Call Queuing from s3 Communications can help improve your businesses unified communications and expand further in the digital age. 

Better Customer Service

When a customer is put into a queue instead of being hung up on, they are reassured that they don’t need to ring back at a more convenient time, but rather, they will be spoken to at the earliest availability. Call Queuing enables you to put your customers first and give them a personalised message to listen to; telling them that you are grateful for their call and that you appreciate their custom and for waiting. You can even add soothing music to their waiting time to make your customer’s experience even more pleasant. These calls will go down a lot smoother than ones where a customer has been unable to reach you for 10 minutes due to an ‘engaged’ dial tone. 

At s3 Communications, we understand that customer communication is the number one key to satisfied customers and sales in any area of business. Introducing Call Queuing will eradicate those seemingly rude hang-ups that your customers currently face if no one is available to take their call. Instead, with a queuing system, your communication system will be much more efficient and smooth between your employees and your clientele. 

Also, if your customers/clients are not willing to stay in the queue, our systems also give them the option of call-back service. This way, they are guaranteed to speak to someone that day; thus, your customers left happy because they don’t have to waste any of their time waiting in a queue; instead, they have every confidence that when they do speak to you, it’ll be in the nature of their query alone.

Expand Business Growth

It’s easy for customers to keep their options open to similar businesses if they’re not being spoken to in a time-efficient manner. Many people are not willing to call you back several times to discuss their enquiry and are much more likely to take their business elsewhere if your telephone system has just automatically ended their call. Choose Call Queuing with s3 Communications and your potential customers’ calls will always be answered and put into a queue; proving to them that you’re in-demand right now, without the harshness of being hung-up on. This will lead to an expansion of calls that your employees can take and the likelihood of more customers being at the end of the line, contributing to overall business growth and success. 

Improve Business Reputation

No one wants a bad reputation in business. If you want to be able to ensure your customers that their call is guaranteed to be answered, then Call Queuing is a definite essential for your company. If customers cannot get through to you when they are trying to call, it can escalate to complaints and bad reviews on your social media and website. Minimise the risk of unsatisfied clients and a bad reputation by contacting s3 Communications today; we can prove to you how easy it is to make the transition to Call Queuing. 

Trouble-Free Set-Up

With s3 Communications, the transition from your regular telephony system to a Call Queuing hosted telephony system has never been easier. Our experienced professionals will be in and out of your business in a professional and timely manner, decreasing the amount of downtime for your business and allowing you to optimise your unified messaging communications almost immediately. It’s so easy that you don’t even have to lift a finger – unless you’re providing tea and biscuits!

If you are thinking of introducing Call Queuing into your business, now is the time. Your competitors will more than likely be transitioning themselves, so don’t delay your transition and contact s3 Communications today for your free of charge quotation. Visit our website, send us an email to [email protected] or call us on 0345 862 1945 and we will be happy to assist you.

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