3 Ways Unified Communications will benefit your business right now.

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What really is Unified Communications?

In the modern world, we have so many different systems for everything. There are multiple IM and chat systems, a variety of tools for social communication and different ways to speak to each other over long-distances too. While innovation and new technologies are fantastic for increasing your ability to communicate globally, if your business is juggling too many different business systems, especially ones that don’t work well together, it can actually be counterproductive (not to mention costly). UC, or Unified Communications, is essentially a system for unifying and bringing together all lines of communications in one efficient, manageable system.

So, what are the benefits of Unified Communications for my business?

1 | Achievable international expansion

UC solutions are typically hosted in the cloud which introduces valuable new services for your business such as disaster recovery and business continuity products. No matter the current size of your company, it is always good to look towards future growth and expansion. Having your services protected in a hosted cloud takes away the worry of downtime and connectivity issues. A UC hosted system ensures you will have a business solution which is inherently flexible and scalable.

With UC, you can comfortably look towards future expansion, and because all your communications systems are online, you aren’t limited with your hiring abilities. International expansion is entirely feasible as UC makes for efficient, integrated long-distance teams. A hosted desktop solution makes working collaboratively easier and safer than ever before because a good hosted desktop provider will allow staff to access all relevant work documents and programs over the internet. No matter where your team are working from they are enabled to work efficiently and effectively. Not to mention, creating a more flexible working environment can lead to considerable increases in productivity and employee satisfaction. In fact, this study suggests that working remotely can boost productivity by 13%.

2 | Higher levels of collaboration

Collaboration in business is vital. It boosts efficiency and motivates and integrates your workforce. In order to create the environment for collaboration, your team needs to know what they’re working toward so you can motivate them and capitalise on the power that is teamwork. A UC solution will provide your business with the tools to foster a highly collaborative working environment, with both internal and externally working staff members. Depending on your unique requirements, your business can have a single space for all your lines of communication from voice, to video, to chat and IM messaging, to presence, to audio conferencing, to mobility and ultimately to team collaboration.

Giving your staff access to a comprehensive communications platform will provide them with access to everything they need to do their job effectively. You can allow multiple applications to be accessed via one dashboard and having all your necessary applications in one unified space makes teamwork both comfortable and effective for your staff members; they are enabled to work from anywhere while still being a unified team. UC also increases productivity as management, owners and executives can access detailed analytics to make improvements to the business. UC will help you view how the solution is being utilised and recognise where workflow could be improved for better collaborative efforts.

3| Better consumer interactions

At the heart of a strong, growing business is a happy, satisfied consumer. Customer research specialist firm SQM Group found that 93% of customers going through a call centre channel and 72% of customers using a website channel expect to be able to resolve their inquiry or problem in one contact. This is no easy task, and so finding ways as a business to improve consumer interactions and customer service is critical. Better communications leads to increased client satisfaction and loyalty.

Better consumer interactions and faster customer service response times will be enabled by a more efficient, productive workforce that is fostered through UC. Your digital telephony systems can be used to connect internal calls, direct calls to the most appropriate agent, deliver IVR and record phone calls and voicemail. It is possible to direct customer calls, emails, and chat requests to the resource which is best equipped to help that client meaning more efficiency and faster first-call resolution.

Unified communications solutions cover all of a business’s internal and external communication requirements. UC will allow your company to deliver intelligent contact routing, call treatment, network-to-desktop computer telephony integration, and multi-channel contact management over an IP infrastructure.

Want these three benefits for your business? Get in touch.

Your business communications need to perform, and that starts with investing in robust, scale able UC Communications that best supports your business needs. Any lack of continuity when it comes to communication with your customers, employees or suppliers, can have an immediate impact on your performance.

At s3, we will identify your specific needs so that we can create a unified communications solution that covers all your requirements.

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