5 Things You Need to Know About Hosted Cloud Phone System

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A Hosted Cloud Phone System is one which resides in the cloud rather than in the office. Staff can access the system through a standard IP handset, softphone, web client or mobile app; whether they are working at home or in the office. A phone system is the heart of any business, as you need to make and receive numerous calls to connect with the right people. A high-quality phone system should never encounter disruptions or downtime, and the costs for its maintenance and the system itself should be justifiable, too.

By using a cloud-hosted phone system, you get much more flexibility, and it is easier to manage your communications and control costs. It’ll also ensure that everyone in your business has calling features of optimum quality that they need.  

If you want to learn more about hosted cloud phone systems, then read on! Below we have listed everything you need to know about these new and innovative phones and why they are perfect for your business, big or small.

It’s Inexpensive

Hosted cloud phone systems can be paid for on a monthly rental basis, which makes it easier for smaller businesses to purchase them as they won’t have to pay one large lump sum or pay money up front. By breaking it down into manageable monthly payments, managers have peace of mind knowing that if the system isn’t suited to their company, they can cancel it earlier on without having already invested. 

Another significant benefit to the cost, is that you will receive a fully integrated system for all of your colleagues to enjoy; making communication and teamwork run smoothly.

Because our hosted cloud phone systems are resilient and able to handle multiple users at once, there are lower initial equipment and setup costs,  no maintenance costs and it is easy to add extra users, lines, upgrades and features for affordable prices.

You Don’t Need to Replace All Your Handsets

Because the phone system is hosted on the cloud, your already existing handsets may well be compatible, which is another reason your business will reduce costs. Thus, making the cloud phones the perfect option for small and medium-sized companies who won’t have a large budget dedicated to communications.

As the provider, we manage and host the cloud phone systems and the technology required to make it all happen. All you need to do is have a desktop IP phone plugged into your Local Area Network (LAN) or a Softphone, Web client or mobile app at the location. This can be the head office or remote home office, and they are connected via the internet with the signalling and comms handled by the system at our data centre.

You Can Work From Anywhere

As the phone system is hosted on the cloud, you don’t need to be physically present in the main office for your workers to be able to benefit from its features. Users can work from anywhere, whether that’s at home on their wifi or at a local cafe on their data.

Your workers will be able to make and answer calls via your office phone extension and even transfer calls to colleagues without asking customers/clients to call a different number. You’ll never miss a call again; making you professional and credible to clients.

No Downtime or Disruption

Hosted cloud phone systems come with no costly maintenance or upgrades such as PBX systems, making it easy to work without downtime or disruptions. Communication is a vital element of any business, so having your phone systems down or not working correctly for any period is unwanted.

There is also a tremendous amount of control involved with a hosted cloud phone system, as you can organise your entire communications across multiple sites, even countries and manage it efficiently through a simple interface. There is no need for confusion or disruption during work, resulting in your workers being productive. 

It Works for Businesses of All Sizes

Again, you don’t need to be a huge corporate business to benefit from a hosted cloud phone system. Small and medium-sized companies can find having a cloud-based phone system a game-changer, as it helps them connect with workers if they are remote-based. Instead of having to fork out money to pay for an office, they can reduce their costs at this stage by having their employees work from home using this revolutionary communication system. 

With time being so crucial for small and medium-sized businesses as they try to connect with potential clients, this phone system allows them to have smooth delivery of contact between each other and clientele without disruption or delay.

From the results of the Gamma Digital Transformation Survey in 2017, only 2% of over 400 UK businesses said that they had no activity with cloud services. Being able to share communications and information across a platform which has no limitations or boundaries is ideal for any sized business.

Whether you are a large-scale multinational company or a start-up business, s3 Communications can help set up the best communications system for you. For more information on our Hosted Cloud Phone Systems and any other services we provide, contact us today or check out our website

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