5 ways to boost well-being in your workforce

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Staff well-being is a buzz-word that gets bandied around rather frequently in the world of work. But, what does it actually mean to provide your staff with a sense of well-being?

Does it mean giving your employees pool tables or free breakfasts? Is it all about providing your staff with an incentive lunch for hitting targets or a bottle of champagne for closing a deal?  Or, is staff-welling being something much more than surface gimmicks?

While those added extras in the workplace can certainly lift the mood for some of your staff and help them to feel appreciated – it doesn’t necessarily provide them with the much coveted well-being, and it doesn’t actually give you as much ROI either.

Why is promoting well-being important for my business?

Well-being is a two way reward. When your staff are happier, less tired and more motivated they will naturally want to work harder for you and productivity in the office will soar. When you look after your staff, they will look after you too and help you to create sustainable, long-term profitability.

Organisations which can cultivate a sense that their employees are working towards a purpose which is bigger than money enjoy triple the growth rate of their competition.

So, how can you promote well-being in your workforce to make staff happier and boost your bottom line?

  • Let everyone share in the company vision and values

If you let everyone share together in a strong sense of purpose then you will find that your team pulls together.

Working towards a common goal that you believe in is much more inspiring and promotes a natural sense of well-being and achievement. So, allow your staff to feel part of something special. Focus on creating a collaborative culture in your business. Make sure it’s clear to your staff you are working towards a vision they can believe in – not one which is solely focused on your bottom line and profit.

  • Create a light, happy space

The space that you give your staff to work in is so much more important to their wellness than allowing them to play ping-pong at lunch time.

Create a workspace that is enjoyable to be in. Light, airy spaces which allow for meeting together and collaboration promote productivity.

Wherever possible, bring the outside in. according to World Green Building Council research: Workers who have outside views are likely to be up to 25% more productive and process calls 12% faster.

  • Encourage movement in the office

The Get Britain Standing campaign revealed that workers sit for an average of 8.9 hours a day. Pretty shocking when you think this is actually more time than many people sleep each day.

We’ve been warned for years of the health risks that come along with sitting at a desk for longer than four hours a day. From stiffness, joint pain, to problems with our backs the list is, unfortunately, endless. If you can promote movement in the workplace you will be contributing no-end to your staff’s well-being.

Stand up and adjustable desks, or sit-stand stools or chairs can make a real difference. Not only this, but movement and standing will help sharpen focus and again help you to boost overall productivity (and ultimately profits).

  • Foster ideas and collaboration

Perhaps one of the best things you can do to promote staff well-being is to facilitate greater collaboration within your team.

Allowing them to bounce ideas off one-another and feel like their ideas are valued will make your employees feel appreciated. Staff retention is much better when a workforce feels like a valued member of the team rather than just a cog in the machine.

  • Embrace flexible and remote working

Last but not least, embrace flexible working with your staff. Gone are the days of needing to have every member of staff present at every minute of the day to inspire productivity.

We discussed the benefits of flexible and remote working in this recent article. A real takeaway statistic comes from a study conducted by Vodafone on how flexible working can really boost productivity.

  • 61% of respondents said their company’s profits increased
  • 83% reported an improvement in productivity

58% believed that flexible working policies had a positive impact on their organisation’s reputation

  • How can S3 Communications help you promote real staff-well being?

We can help you to promote staff well-being in your workplace with our Unified Communications Solutions.

Join the ever growing numbers of savvy businesses who are already making the switch to a hosted, cloud based system for their communications and avoid being left behind.

We are experts in IT, telephony and Unified Communications and we can support you to go mobile and flexible with your team seamlessly.

With all of your data hosted in a secure online network your staff are enabled to access all relevant work documents and programs over the internet. This will allow them to work from home, enjoy more flexible hours and also help to inspire collaboration.

Research has shown that all of these aspects together can boost your staff’s well-being and ultimately, profitability and productivity within your business.

Whether you are a large-scale multinational company, or a start-up or small business, S3 communications can help.

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