How s3 Can Unify Your Business Communications Right Now

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To unify your business communications, it’s important to have the appropriate technology to coincide with the needs of your company. An established and consistent dialogue between your employees and clients is fundamental to the success of your business. 

Read on to see how s3 Communications  can help you to unify your business communications, connect your employees effortlessly and improve productivity and relationships within your workplace. 

Employee Communication

When running a business, it’s essential that your employees can be in instant contact with each other, no matter their distance apart or location. Communication is important because your employees need to be on the same page at all times; meaning they are staying in the loop with any crucial updates or client needs and so that they can manage their workloads with speed. 

At s3 Communications, we provide Desktop IP phones that plug into your Local Area Network (LAN) or alternatively Softphone usage, Web client or Mobile app options, to enable your staff to work from anywhere in the world remotely and with total flexibility by simply connecting to the Internet. All signaling and comms are then handled through the UC system in our datacentre, giving you nothing to worry about but a simple Wi-Fi connection. 

Flexible Working

Flexible working or ‘working from home’ is one of the fastest growing workplace trends, with over 70% of millennials stating this as their preferred method of working. Flexible working can increase productivity as employees feel trusted and valued by their company. Giving your staff the option to work from the environment where they feel the most comfortable, enables them to explore their creativity and increase the amount of work that they get done in a day; knowing they will need to evidence their workload due to not being in the physical presence of their boss. It’s easy to get distracted in an office and ‘pretend’ to be working. Flexible working, surprisingly, reduces this quite significantly, with research showing that cloud-based solutions can increase productivity by up to 20%. Flexible working also boosts online collaboration, employee well-being and a healthy work-life balance. 

To find out more about flexible working, read our blog on ‘BYOD’ (Bring Your Own Device) to increase business mobility. 

Technology Updates

Keeping your technology and software up to date is imperative to compete with other business’ like your own. Technology advances so quickly and it’s very easy to fall behind with all the latest trends. At s3 Communications, enhancements and changes to your software or equipment can be done quickly and if required a test environment can be created to reduce risk. All upgrades are taken care of by us, taking the stress of trying to keep in the technological loop away from you. Any bespoke integration for a client can be implemented with ease, due to the fact we create a unique environment for each client, however small they are. These updates will ensure that your staff and clients will always have the quickest and most reliable way to keep in contact and maintain those all-important working relationships. 

Business Relationships 

Hosted unified communications allows your staff to form relationships with other employees on their team who may work from different offices far away. Being in contact with your team increases: 

  • Departmental strength
  • Consistent communication with clients 
  • Workload management
  • Working relationships within your department

If you want to improve your business communications or find out more information on how we can help your business thrive, email us at [email protected], give us a call on  0345 862 1945 or visit our website. 

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