Office without limits – flexible working

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Office without limits, giving employees the choice at any given time to optimise their effectiveness. Many organisations the likes of Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook share this view and have opted for offices that encourage employee mobility, flexibility and interaction.

Why is Hosted favourable?

Cloud computing and technologies such as Hosted Telephony make mobility surprisingly straightforward. Not only can employees access data from anywhere, they can also use the same telephone number as part of their “office”, no matter where they are located. This is a key point for disaster recovery planning, meaning should a local issue occur this does not mean the end to your business day. Providing there is an Internet connection your employees can work from home, or when they are out and about, using the same number, data and software.

Preparing for the future

Portable devices and Cloud computing have made this way of working possible. You may think this is for large companies only, this is simply not the case and should soon become standard to stay competitive, even for small companies.

Challenges like rising office space costs, skills shortages and with regulations such as the right to request flexible working mean organisations of all sizes are increasingly looking into alternative ways of working. More and more organisations are learning to embrace the future, with the benefits of reduced overheads, the ability to recruit nationally and globally creating a contented workforce that enjoys flexibility.

Remote workers can now be reached on their usual local office number, even if outside their remote/home office, country or permanently based in another location. Flexible and remote working does not mean an end to collaboration, Hosted Telephony enables Unified Communications including conference calling with multiple participants, at no extra cost.

Call Reporting

Another great benefit of Hosted Telephony is that in many cases, it comes with call reporting software that supports you in managing your organisation. Wallboard, analysis of call patterns monitor the time it takes to answer calls or track the number of abandoned calls. This is a great feature to highlight areas of weaknesses and opportunities to improve, allowing you to manage your resources more effectively.

Making the job easier

Most systems come with an extensive range of call handling and management features. Features such as IVR(Interactive Voice Response), call flows, call queues, chat, voicemail, web conferencing, screen sharing…

Reducing costs

Hosted Telephony services are usually provided with fixed monthly costs, benefiting organisations allowing to budget efficiently. Maintenance and support are typically included in the monthly cost, with software updates being managed for you. As Hosted Telephony is IP based, long-distance calls come at the same lower call rate. Hosted Telephony can provide free calls between different office sites, no matter where in the world they are located.

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