Why Your Small Business Needs Unified Communications

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Small to medium enterprises (SME’s) strive to be just as productive and successful as their larger rivals. But their limited resources can make it hard to improve their internal and external communications as well as their worker’s productivity. So, how can you fix both problems without running out of money or working your employees into the ground? The answer: Unified Communications (UC). UC tools are the ‘must have’ for companies of any size, using various capabilities and tools to help streamline communications, increase work productivity and mobility and ensure you never lose a client to poor communication.

Read on to learn more about UC, what it is, and why your business needs it today. If you don’t take the right steps to ensure you are effectively communicating inside and outside the business, you could lose clients to the big companies you rival.


What is Unified Communications

SMEs have the same goals as their larger counterparts: to grow their business and enhance their customer interaction and engagement, while also focusing on their employee productivity and greater work mobility. The only difference is, you have to do this with less staff and available resources than the larger companies.

Unified Communications can help streamline your communications and enhance your collaborations so that your SME acts and appears like a larger company to gain more business. UC tools include VoIP calling, presence, instant messaging, mobile access, audio and web conferencing, desktop and document sharing and more, which make it easier than ever to connect with employees and enhance productivity. This means employees can work from anywhere and have instant access to the same communication tools that they would have in the office.

Why Your Business Needs UC

There are many reasons SMEs can benefit significantly from UC. Effective communication with customers, partners, employees and suppliers is essential, and any disruption in communications could result in a customer leaving to a competitor. For SMEs, every client is important and losing customers to more prominent companies needs to be avoided at all costs.

SME employees usually have to be flexible with their job responsibilities, working multiple roles and performing jobs that would usually be handled by a specialist in a large corporation. As a result of this, each worker needs to be as efficient and productive as possible. Without the correct communications established in the company, this proves challenging and can lead to confusion, miscommunication and a loss of customers or employees. Your business needs to focus on more strategic objectives, like enhancing collaboration to create faster decision making and improve customer engagement, which can be achieved through UC.

Improve Productivity

On average, most workers will waste over two hours trying to connect to people who aren’t available, send emails which go unanswered and complete similar time-wasting tasks. By utilising UC tools in your workplace, you will get instant messaging and click-to-call which will help your workers make and take calls more efficiently, set up and join conference calls and share information more clearly and easily between employees, customers and partners. This cuts down the time trying to contact people, making communication more transparent and easy to access, and as a result, boosts your business’s productivity, leaving time for more critical tasks.

Enhance Mobility

Whether an employee is in the office or working remotely, they need to be able to be in touch with customers and partners at all times and be able to respond to all inquiries and calls. Unified Communications has features like mobile extension which let incoming calls ring simultaneously on a desk phone, home phone or mobile so that callers only have one number to dial.

Enable Collaboration

Small businesses need to collaborate and share information internally as well as with partners, customers and suppliers. UC collaboration capabilities enable companies to save time and money by making workers more productive and effective in their work. By using collaborative tools to share documents and knowledge between employees, partners and more, SMEs can design, make and produce products, create marketing campaigns and complete transactions faster and easier than ever before.

Whether you are a large-scale multinational company, or a start-up or small business, s3 Communications can help. For more information on our services, contact us today or check out our website.

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