How VoIP Can Reduce Costs for Your Company

Communication is integral to any business as it helps employees stay connected no matter their location and it allows them to liaise with clients. Having a secure and strong communications system is vital for keeping your business functioning optimally. Outdated, ineffective and temperamental systems will only bring your business downtime. 

You need to update your communications system and bring your company into the 21st century; however, not every business has a massive budget for communications. Fear not, here at S3 Communications, we have designed various packages to suit every business’s needs and budgets to make sure that each company has the chance to improve their communications system.

Keep reading to learn more about our packages and how they can bring a new and better communications system to your workplace, as well as help reduce costs, too!


What’s great about our packages is that they’re not made in a one-fit-for-all mould. We have three different packages which make scaling up or down, based on your businesses needs, easy. If you are a small business owner, you can still get an excellent communications system for your office or home without breaking the bank. Our Standard (Acorn) package lets us take care of your communications so that you can focus on developing and growing your business, without the added call centre and enterprise features.

The Professional (Sapling) package is perfect for a growing business which needs a robust, concrete communications system to help the business run day-to-day. It’s a system which will match the increasing pace of your company and help improve your employee’s productivity. With call-recording, queuing and hot-desking, but without the inbuilt failover and standby license.

Our final Enterprise (Tree) package is ideal for a business which is fast-moving, always in contact with consumers, each other and a company who needs a communications system that withholds all of the features- from remote working options to a custom IP phone logo. This option is the most innovative, and one that’ll give your business the best chance at communicating at it’s best.

Worthwhile Investment

All the benefits and features that come with a VoIP communications system make it a worthwhile investment. Your old system could be outdated, with fewer features for the same or less money. VoIP not only gives your business some great benefits, but s3 Communications can manage and host the system for you, taking communications off your hands to give you more time to focus on your business.

You don’t need to invest in new handsets or desktop phones as you can plug your desktop IP phones into your Local Area Network (LAN) or use a softphone, web client or mobile app at your desired location. This could be the head office, regional office or a remote home office which are connected via the internet with the signals and comms handled through the UC system in our data centre. We work on a monthly rental basis and provide the ideal platform for users that need multiple offices to be connected on the same system.

Paying for Support

Not only are you getting a whole new, updated communications system when you work with s3 Communications, but you are getting support and management from us, too. Your communications system is fully protected with up-to-date security protocols and technologies to safeguard your communications.

S3 Communications will manage and monitor your system with alerts, high system availability and efficiency and ongoing maintenance in out of office hours. We keep your system operating effectively all of the time to avoid downtime for your business and to keep it running smoothly. We deliver up-to-date versions and features of the software for a monthly fee to boost productivity and customer service at all times. All software releases are updated in out of office hours to avoid disruption, and after being tested on non-production servers.

One of the best features for VoIP is our disaster recovery. Your unified communications system is vital for a professional business and requires protecting. Daily VM snapshots and nightly backups with retention policies in place are taken, so in the event of disaster recovery, we can restore backup immediately. We can have everything back up and running within the hour, even to an alternative location if needed.

Check out our website to learn more about s3 Communications and a VoIP solution for your business. A communications system is vital for keeping a business running smoothly; whether you have remote workers or multiple offices, you can all be on the same system.

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