The Benefit of Maintenance, Monitoring and Support of Your VoIP at Work

Having a VoIP system within your workplace has fantastic benefits; it helps keep you connected at ease and is very affordable. “Small businesses have, on average, saved at least 40% on their phone bill after switching to VoIP.” However, the beauty of VoIP systems goes beyond this; remotely, you can contact your team with the push of a button and pass your clients on to the right line instantly. 

There’s a whole host of reasons as to why you should update your workplace’s communications system, and here at s3 Communications, we ensure to add to the reasoning by offering our clients maintenance and monitoring support 24/7. Nothing says downtime more than your communication system going down during the working day and putting a halt on everything. Thus, customers can become confused and complain, you can look inexperienced and unprofessional to other potential consumers, and your workers will be extremely frustrated.

For more information on how our VoIP systems can avoid these sticky situations completely, continue reading this blog. We want our clients to be given the best possible service by doing everything in our power to make sure that they are happy with our products.

Fully Protected VoIP

One of the key ways in which we help maintain and monitor your communication system is by ensuring it is adequately protected with our up-to-date security protocols and technologies. We safeguard your communications from all types of issues to ensure a smooth working day, every day. Our VoIP telephony system offers security systems such as IP blacklisting, SRTP encryption, automatic detection of SIP attack, provisioning of phones through HTTPS, SSL connectivity, as well as an A+ rating from SSL Labs. It may be a long list, but it’s a list that we’re proud to provide our clients with.

Monitored and Managed

We keep your VoIP communications system running smoothly with proactive monitoring and alerts, as well as high system availability and efficiency. Automation of everyday tasks and dashboard management console monitoring of critical processes also help keep everything moving. And to finish it off, we also manage the certified firmware of our IP handsets and network-wide development.

We provide ongoing maintenance on out of office hours to make sure there is minimal downtime for any business. We want to make sure that you are getting the best experience and service possible, and we believe that dedicating all of our efforts and time to our clients is the key to doing so here at s3 Communications.

Disaster Support

Your communications system is the core of your company. You use it to contact customers, reach other employees in the office or remotely and handle customer services. It is imperative that the system is always working for you to get the most out of your working days, as well as retain information. So, to ensure this, we make sure to assess it’s stability regularly and look for improvements continually. Daily VM snapshots and nightly backups with retention policies in place are taken.

So, in the event of a Disaster Recovery issue, we can restore a backup immediately and have your VoIP system back up and running within the hour. We can even have it running in a different location.

Always Up-To-Date

With s3 Communications, we don’t just install your VoIP and call it a day; we are always making sure your system is up-to-date. We deliver the latest version and features of the communications system under one monthly fee. This supports your company’s needs, as well as productivity levels and customer satisfaction rates!

We always update our software with the newest releases in out-of-office hours to avoid disrupting your working day. When you arrive at your office the next morning, you can continue your day as usual, but on the new system! And, more importantly, we only ever update your VoIP once the software update has been tested on non-production servers.

Check out our website today to learn more about s3 Communications and the various VoIP communication packages that we have to offer you. No matter the size of your company or team, we have a package for you which can be built upon as your business grows.

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