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There are endless advantages when it comes to implementing Unified Communications into your business.

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Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications

Being the provider we are responsible for managing and hosting the UC system as well as the technology required to deliver the services to the phone system. Desktop IP phones plug into your Local Area Network (LAN) or by using a Softphone, Web client or Mobile app at your location whether that be Head office, Regional office or a remote Home office which are connected via the Internet with the signalling and comms handled through the UC system in our datacentre.

Rather than a scaled-down basic UC system, we offer customers a fully virtualized instance, together with the advanced feature set without compromising functionality.

This deployment works on a monthly rental basis and provides the perfect platform for users that require to be mobile and for multiple offices to be connected on the same system.

The resilience of your UC system being hosted in the datacentre with Disaster Recovery, lower initial equipment and setup costs, no maintenance costs of the UC, easy to add extra users, lines, upgrades and new features are included.


An On-premise UC system is like a traditional system in that it resides at the customers office location, whether that be located in a dedicated room, server room or server cabinet. The UC software can be installed on to a new, an existing server or into a virtualised environment.

Signalling is done from an IP phone or Softphone, Web client or Mobile app to the UC server on the Local Area Network (LAN) with calls being configured to go through SIP Trunks for use with a supported Internet service telephone provider (ISTP). Using any of the clients enables users to make VoIP (Voice over IP) audio and video calls, chat messages and managing presence and conferencing all in an easy to use seamless software application. Spanning from desktops and laptops, to mobile applications for smartphones and tablets.

Higher initial cost and set-up cost, potentially higher maintenance costs, lower monthly cost after expenses are covered, UC provider will qualify network, will install and program the UC system and will train staff on feature use and “best practices”.

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