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Here at s3 Communications, we provide the best integrated video conferencing through the 3CX platform to businesses wanting to utilise the latest technology for the best value. Whether your company operates remotely or you have several sites located nationally or globally, Video Conferencing is the ideal alternative for maintaining communications.

As opposed to many conference systems out there, Our video conferencing can deliver your attendees with a convenient approach to culture, as well as a platform to present content effectively. Each member of the party will have full, seamless access to video conferencing, business telephony services, presence and instant messaging all within one simple to use solution.

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VoIP, the innovative solution to communicating online productively, is known for its reliability and affordability, and as communications online are becoming increasingly more popular for all types of businesses – start-ups, global organisations and everything in between, we can only envision that demand for video conferencing will be at an all-time high for the foreseeable.

Through s3 Communications, your business video conferencing, merged with our other online facilities, will come under a scalable monthly subscription. We have several packages to suit businesses with different needs which we can add our conferencing services to.

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App-Free Video Conferencing for Unlimited Users

Our video conferencing services are easily accessible and will not require an app to utilise (although there is an app should you wish to join the meeting via a mobile device). Through 3CX, all users can harness the highest-quality video and voice communications directly through their web browser; making our platform available to all participants, of any scale.

The WebMeeting function of our services is fully integrated into your web client so that you can create, manage and access meetings, as well as collaborate, enjoy screen sharing and much more, straight from your browser. Participants will be able to seamlessly join meetings without the need to download any additional software or apps, enabling a better user experience for your partners, customers and employees.

We pride ourselves in delivering a user-friendly system that exercises reliability and ease of use for all meeting attendees. You are given the opportunity to video conference without downloading or signing up to any application or web address; giving you peace of mind that our conferencing service is dependable and operating in your favour.

As an employer, you will be able to schedule a meeting in seconds with just one click. Video conferencing has never been so simple and straightforward with s3 Communications.

As this runs on your own dedicated hosted instance, you know it is secure and only accessible by parties you invite.

How To Set Up s3’s Video Conferencing

Once you have the 3CX system in place, you will receive a personalised ‘Click2Meet’ URL that is unique to you, and once shared with your customers, partners or colleagues safely, it will allow them to join your video call. When your meeting participants click your unique URL to join your WebMeeting, you will be notified via chat and you can control to approve participants that join the meeting.

Our video conferencing service delivers a smooth, FREE and unlimited means of communication with all bodies of your business. If your businesses infrastructure has adapted to remote working, we understand the importance of a rapid turnover in technology. With s3 Communications’ business video conferencing, you are guaranteed speed-efficiency and convenience.

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Our Promise To You

As your system will be dedicated to you, this ensures that our online conferencing is as secure and safe as possible. Our VoIP video-conferences are locked down and people won’t be able to join without your unique URL, which you control. Protection for all participants upon entering the 3CX system, and your unique URL’s or any other details of your meetings will never be shared through social media channels.

It is our mission to deliver businesses, no matter their scale, with a convenient, effortless and safe online platform for carrying out conferences, meetings and any other required communications. By investing in seamless software that guarantees a smooth transition from the usual conferencing, you will allow your business to continue operating efficiently and simultaneously.

We pride ourselves in offering industry-leading, business-grade software that incorporates a full cybersecurity system.

Want To Know More?

We are confident in our online conferencing services, so much so that we use it to support running s3 Communications; giving you peace of mind that we are only providing you with the best. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. With the sudden shift of business operations due to the global pandemic, companies have deemed it necessary to find a unified communications system that they know they can rely on.

That’s where we come in. We understand the expectations of a seamless software, and we endeavour to always uphold this level of consistency throughout your time with us. With on-call technical support 24/7 and the innovative 3CX software, secure video conferencing will quickly become your preferred solution to communicating.

In addition to this we use it to run our own business!

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