4 Benefits Of A Unified Communications Solution

It might seem like unified communications are maybe the latest buzzwords doing the rounds, but like cloud computing and big data that proceeded it, it is worth paying attention to. But what is unified communications, and how can it benefit you?

For many companies, there has been a shift in priorities, especially when it comes to moving to cloud-based services and remote working, and a need for better communications systems during the coronavirus lockdown. We explain the benefits to your company.

What is unified communications (UC)?

UC is the integration of real-time communications services across multiple mediums – fixed-line phones, mobile phones, and computers. Simply put, this means getting all your business communication services from a single provider, ensuring they all work seamlessly together.

What are the benefits of unified communications?

    Improved efficiency & productivity

UC makes it easier for employees to get their job done by saving time on simple tasks, such as the ability to have incoming calls route to wherever you are; your office phone, mobile or a phone application on your computer. This reduces the possibility of missing that important phone call.

    Reduced costs

UC makes use of Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to integrate different communications platforms. Traditional telephony required the rental of analogue phone lines from a service provider. Moving to UC typically saves around 40 per cent on communications bills.

    Less administration

A move to UC and a single service provider means that companies will need fewer account managers, technical support numbers, contracts, and bills to have to deal with. The admin is streamlined, and there will be a single point of contact for all communications.

    Enable a mobile and remote workforce

The way in which work is done is changing. Remote and mobile working is not only becoming increasingly popular within organisations and with employees but has proved to be essential during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you need unified communications suppliers, get in touch today.

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