How Much Could You Save On Office Rent By Remote Working?

With lockdown restrictions having been imposed on the UK over the last few months, businesses have been forced to find new ways of keeping their operations going – and this has resulted in a serious increase in remote working, with teams setting up home offices all over the country and using technology to get the job done.

This may well have been tricky to establish and get used to at first, but businesses may now be inspired to continue working in this way in the future, as well, given new research revealing that they could save thousands on office rent each year.

Carried out by PowWowNow, the study found that small businesses renting office space in London could save themselves £6,276 a month in rent if just half their staff members worked remotely, HR News reports.

Further north, meanwhile, companies in Newcastle could save £2,241 each month if half the team worked from home, while in Bristol, firms could save themselves £1,800 a month.

Andrew Johnson, managing director of PowWowNow, noted that the pandemic has led many companies to seeing that remote working can be done successfully and this should be embraced over the long term, even after the crisis is over.

“Businesses should reimagine the way they work in order to cut costs and attract talent in a world where younger employees prioritise remote working. Not only that, but remote working during a public health crisis can keep your staff safe, and is also shown to boost productivity,” he went on to say.

Something you will need if you want to adopt a remote working strategy are hosted VoIP telephone systems and unified communication services, which can make it far easier to achieve. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us here at s3 Communications today.

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