How To Successfully Incorporate Remote Employees

Aside from the necessity for remote working created by the coronavirus lockdown, it can offer an army of benefits for employees. As well as enhancing their work-life balance, they get to save time and money on commuting, and more freedom in creating their own schedules.

However, the management of remote teams can create its own problems, from employee burnout, managing their downtime, and successfully incorporating remote employees with the workforce. If employees are feeling left out, it can be detrimental to their wellbeing and their productivity.

Here are 4 ways that you can incorporate remote workers.

  1. Share important files promptly

Remote workers will, from time to time, need access to files that are located in the office. A lack of access will not only leave them feeling left out, but can delay the delivery of projects.

Make sure that remote workers have all the files, documents, and information they need promptly. There are ways to send large files from utilising the cloud, or file transfer systems such as Wetransfer.

  1. Instant communication

Waiting for a response from other workers can be frustrating, and companies need to embrace modern communication tools and rely less on email. Video conferencing tools such as 3CX or Teams are important for face to face meetings.

Unified communications solutions can help create instantaneous communication between team members and departments. Never disregard the ability for employees to catch up on ‘water cooler’ moments or about upcoming football matches to boost relationships between team members.

  1. Extend company traditions online

Similarly, continuing office-based traditions, such as celebrating birthdays, or themed days, for example, Halloween, can be excellent at boosting worker morale. Don’t forget to send a birthday cake!

  1. Recognise employee performances

It is simple in the office to give an employee a pat on the back for good work while passing in a hallway, but those smaller moments are lost for remote workers and often forgotten.

Ensure you send a message to congratulate workers, and single out stand out workers in weekly meetings so that others can congratulate them also.

If you are looking for unified communications suppliers for your company, get in touch today.

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