Remote Working And The Rise Of Cybercriminals

The EU’s law enforcement arm, Europol highlighted that ‘cybercriminals have been among the most adept at exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic for the various scams and attacks they carry out’ in a recent report. It also predicted a rise in phishing and ransomware attacks designed to exploit the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

Much of this is because of the sudden and incredible shift to remote working. The vast majority of the world’s organisations are now being operated by individuals working from home, and Health Secretary Matt Hancock recently said employers should now always offer to work from home as an option.

While many businesses already had the infrastructure in place for remote working, no one could predict the speed and the scale at which it would be needed. As with any big, sudden shifts in operations or procedure, criminals will always be ready to exploit any cracks. How do you fight against phishing and ransomware attacks?

Best Cyber Security Awareness practice

Organisations need to share their best practice methods to ensure their remote workforce is helping to protect their business, data and reputation. Here are some key pointers:

  • Be extra vigilant to COVID-19 phishing scams.
  • Use secure company provided systems – never use personal accounts.
  • Provide encrypted up-to-date devices with patched applications, and VPN’s to access your company’s internal systems.
  • Put protocols and processes in place should a cyberattack take place, to minimise the impact.
  • Have clear lines of communication. Avoid Social Media and Whatsapp when revealing sensitive data.

Classic mistakes

  • Never connect to public WIFI. Instead, use a company-provided VPN or mobile data if accessing sensitive data.
  • Avoid using personal devices, as they may not be secure.
  • Password protection and encryptions are key.
  • Have a central, daily data backup system

Always be updating your cybersecurity awareness training, and protect your company and your employees. If you need unified communications solutions for your organisation, talk to our team today.

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