The Benefits Of VoIP During Coronavirus

With the UK on lockdown after Boris Johnson’s announcement on the 23rd March, businesses are taking a downward spiral while they try and find a way to stay afloat during the Coronavirus Outbreak. A 2020 recession will be on the cards, and for some businesses, small and startups especially, there may be continuous struggles ahead. 

However, it has been said that during this pandemic, businesses can take advantage of the situation at hand. Not only that but for the already established, finding an alternative solution to continuing their duties while social distancing and staying at home is vital, can also ensure that their business stays on top.

If you own a business and are beginning to explore the ways in which you can support your company during this uncertain time, you have clicked onto the right article. Here at s3 Communications, our VoIP communication systems are giving businesses the key to continuing their endeavours during such a critical situation. 

Continue reading for more information on the benefits of VoIP systems during the Coronavirus and how your business can begin to implement change that only helps to keep it continue thriving.

What Is VoIP?

Firstly, let’s address what a VoIP telephony system is. Voice Over Internet Protocol uses the internet as opposed to a traditional telephone landline. What happens is your voice is turned into packets of data which get transmitted across an IP network; they are then turned into audio when they reach the receiver. Putting it simply, all you need is an internet connection and a VoIP phone for a reliable connection.

The Benefits of VoIP


Flexible Working

The first benefit of VoIP during Coronavirus is the flexible working opportunities that it can offer to you and your team. By being fully digitalised, you will be able to bring your businesses communication system into the homes of your employees. While social distancing is prominent, it is extremely unsafe to be working in close proximity to your co-workers. But, by not attending the office or site, you won’t be able to continue your public relations that are essential for your business to survive this pandemic. 

So, by setting up a VoIP system, your employees can stay at the forefront of your businesses communications, internally and externally, using their WiFi router. Your custom, as well as networking and internal relations, will be taken care of; meaning your business doesn’t have to be put on pause, especially if they offer a service that could hugely benefit others today.

Quick Implementation

The next benefit to VoIP during Coronavirus is its quick setup. Here at s3 Communications, we pride ourselves in providing businesses with a seamless communication system, while also upholding exceptional customer service. Not only that, but our clients will be happy to know that we can deliver them VoIP remotely. 

That means that we do not need to come in-house to your business building or homes to set you up on VoIP; lessening the risk of contamination and spreading of the coronavirus situation. Our quick setup can be done over the phone, and by giving us full access to your computer. 


One of the biggest benefits to VoIP is that your business won’t have to experience downtime because we can have you up and running in a matter of minutes; reducing the risk of you losing out on custom. This not only ensures that your businesses communication isn’t impacted, but it’ll give you confidence that your business will have implemented a reliable system during such an uneasy situation.

Call Queuing

We have three packages on offer to our clients, but we do recommend our Professional and Enterprise packages due to their call queuing features. Although this is an overall helpful element to our VoIP systems, it can be especially useful during this time of panic. 

For instance, custom won’t be lost; instead, those calling you will be given the option to either wait in a queue or be called back by a member of your team when they are available. If your business is able to help others during a time of need, this sense of reliability will be significantly recognised. You will not only be doing the utmost for those who need assistance, but your businesses reputation will only soar.

Have these benefits of VoIP during Coronavirus encouraged you to evolve your businesses communication system? Avoid further disruption to your company during this Coronavirus Pandemic, which alone could be impacting your business financially and implement a new means of communication that ensures that no further custom is lost.

For further information, contact us today on 0345 862 1945 or through our website, and we can give you details on how we can help you future-proof your business, and keep it running during the impact of Coronavirus.

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