The Fantastic Features of VoIP for Your Office

By introducing a VoIP system into your office, you will open up a door to many new opportunities for your business. The traditional methods of communicating over the copper lines (ISDN) are now outdated, and will eventually be switched off altogether by BT in 2025. As a business owner, it is crucial to choose the right unified communication system for your office. 

Here at s3 Communications, we are happy to provide you with all of the information that you need on the fantastic features of VoIP and how they will dramatically improve your way of working.

What is VoIP?

In recent years, we have helped a variety of businesses migrate to VoIP technology. This is no surprise as the advantages of this new and improved communications system are like never before. VoIP technology (Voice Over Internet Protocol) uses broadband internet to transmit packets of voice data. You can say goodbye to copper lines, making the quality of your calls of a much higher standard.

How Does VoIP Work?

So, how does VoIP work for your business? Your desktop IP phones plug into your Local Area Network (LAN) or you can use a Softphone, Web client or Mobile app at your location. Whether you be situated in a Head office, Regional office or even a remote home office, these are all joined via the internet with the signalling and comms handled through the UC system in our data centre. We will set up the system for you, allowing you to start using your new software with zero downtime.

Can I Save Money From VoIP?

More and more businesses are moving to VoIP technology, and the main reason for this is the considerable savings which are made. First of all, VoIP is quick and easy to set up, meaning less money is spent on the installation of your system. Secondly, the call rates are much lower than those of traditional telephone lines. And thirdly, VoIP is reliable, so your business will not need to spend large amounts on maintenance. 

A study by Censuswide found 96% of current internet-based telephony customers reported a cost-saving, with 1 in 4 claiming they’d saved more than 50% in comparison to their old voice package. At s3 Communications, we work on a predictable monthly rental basis. This allows your business to plan for each month, without a big chunk of money coming out of your account.

Is VoIP Wireless?

The scalability of VoIP’s infrastructure is another reason why we have seen many offices install this innovative technology. You will find yourself tangled in fewer desk wires, while also not having to use heavy handsets which take up desk space. This benefits your business in ways that you wouldn’t have even considered previously; such as reducing the risk of a fire. Workers have more space while working and the office space looks neater and more sophisticated to visitors; whether that’s business partners or potential clients.

Can You Forward Calls on VoIP?

Another advantage to VoIP is the ability to forward calls to your mobile phone; this is perfect for employees who travel and work remotely. A survey found that 29% of respondents’ main reason for migrating to VoIP was because they needed an easier way of forwarding calls to their mobile phones. 

Setting up a new phone can always be tedious and stressful, especially when numbers are lost. VoIP ensures that you will keep all of your contact numbers secure so that you can start working straight away.

How Do You Keep Connected With VoIP?

When running a business, your workforce needs to stay connected. VoIP technology allows your employees to communicate with ease through video call and instant messaging, which also allows them to attach documents and share data with one another. Whether your staff are in or out of the office, VoIP gives you a quick, reliable and convenient way of staying in touch. 

This is appealing for any business as it will increase the productivity of employees by allowing them to multitask with little interruption. All businesses are individual, with their client bases, set of goals, and budgets; that is why we offer three different packages.

The Acorn Package

Firstly, we have our standard package which we like to call the acorn. The acorn package is an affordable and reliable business model with no hidden or upfront costs. This unified communication system package is designed to match your communication needs as you grow. One of the advantages of VoIP for businesses is that it is effortless to upgrade or downsize when needed. There is much uncertainty surrounding UK businesses in the current climate, due to Brexit, so companies may be worried about making new investments. VoIP eliminates this worry and will work around the growth of your company.

The Sapling Package

Our professional package, otherwise known as the sapling, is perfect for increasing office productivity as it provides your business with a digital receptionist, office 365 integration, CRM integration, and allows for 100 web conferencing users. At s3 Communications, we will ensure your VoIP system is running as it should be by providing you with proactive monitoring alerts, high system availability, and ongoing maintenance during out-of-office hours. 

This means that your IT team can focus on other critical tasks. And if you don’t have an IT team, it will take the pressure off of your other employees who are not trained in such an area.

The Tree Package

Last but not least, we offer the enterprise package, also known as, the tree package. Providing your large business with a communication system like no other and opening up endless opportunities for growth. We provide you with a virtual telephone environment through a combination of proven technologies from 3CX, Microsoft and other leading systems. We understand that every business is different, so we will work closely with you to understand your individual needs; allowing us to design a bespoke PBX system to enhance your communications.

To find out more about the fantastic features of VoIP that can greatly benefit your business, read our recent article. We are here to provide you with a unified communication system that will make a significant difference in your working days. We will set up our systems quickly and efficiently, taking care of any maintenance issues at no extra cost. If you would like to find out more about what we do, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 0345 862 1945, or by heading over to our website.

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