The Long Term Value of VoIP

During 2020, one of the biggest trends for somewhat obvious reasons is remote working. With many people mandated to work from home in the current circumstances, cloud computing and VoIP host tools have become a priority for many businesses to ensure productivity in challenging times.

Even as many office staff are returning to the workplace, there is a significant value to investing in your VoIP infrastructure. Here are some reasons why your VoIP setup will pay dividends in the future

Phased Returns

As of the end of August, 39 per cent of the workforce were remote working, according to the Office for National Statistics. That is barely lower than the number of people working in their current office at 42 per cent.

Despite this, each member of staff, as a result of social distancing guidelines will take up more space to ensure they are 2m apart from other people.

This is important as it means that any major initiatives that bring people back into work will almost certainly occur on a phased return basis.

Even when people return to the office a large part of the workforce will be working from home, making the flexibility of VoIP invaluable.

Preparing for Anything

If one word could describe 2020, it would be “unpredictable”. With so many business altering events happening this year, it pays to be prepared for pretty much anything.

The remote working and VoIP setups that were implemented in March are incredibly useful whether there is a phased return, a return to a full lockdown or (hopefully) a full return to the office. The service a VoIP setup provides will not change regardless of the surroundings.

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