The Scalability of VoIP

Even though you may be aware of the beneficial factors that a VoIP Communications system can bring your business, are you aware of how it can support and encourage your business when upscaling? Here at s3 Communications, we believe that the scalability of VoIP is one of the most beneficial factors of upgrading your businesses telephony system.

Voice Over Internet Protocol, also known as IP technology is a means of communication that is wholly digitalised; by communicating via your local network and the internet, you will be given a seamless and reliable connection that promotes flexibility, innovation and more importantly, affordability. 96% of current internet-based telephony customers reported cost-saving, with 1 in 4 claiming they’d saved more than 50% on their old voice package.

By reading this blog, you will learn how VoIP solutions can support your businesses growth by looking in-depth at our three packages which all hold a different level of opportunity within the scalability of VoIP.

Standard VoIP Package (Acorn)

Our standard package, the Acorn Package, is a definitive starting point which matches the needs for businesses who are looking to broaden their horizons and grow. This package will offer your business an affordable approach to an easier, reliable and future-proof means of communication.

In terms of the scalability of your VoIP phone system, this package can be grown with additional features as your business develops. However, one thing that we offer with all three of our VoIP packages is our consistent management and monitoring of your VoIP system; we ensure that it stays secure, updated and running 24/7 with the help of our automatic alerts, ensuring that downtime is to a minimum. 

Your business will be exposed to more flexibility from being able to direct and receive calls from anywhere, and a guaranteed better signal which promotes productivity and growth. We set out to deliver our clients with systems that meet their individual needs; we deal with the management, setup, configuration, provisioning and testing of your communications at all times. 

For further information on our Acorn Package, visit our website.

Professional VoIP Package (Sapling)

Our Professional package does all of the above but with added call centre features. For instance, this extended package is able to give you call queueing services, giving your employees a lesser chance of missing out on custom. Also, call recording, call reports and contact centre features are all able to give your business the means of progression. 

Lastly, we have the added enterprise features of hot-desking and connecting remote offices. Hot desking allows all of your workers to work from one platform at the same time, meaning your calls will be taken care of by the right people working together. Connecting remote offices gives your business the chance to venture away from one workspace; if one of your employees are working from home or you have an extension of your business in another country, you are still able to all work through the same platform and have video call meetings. 

If you’d like further information on our Professional Package, visit our website.

Enterprise VoIP Package (Tree)

Our enterprise is both of these packages combined with a few added extras. By choosing our fully integrated package, you will get an exclusive and bespoke service that is designed to support a business fully, whether it’s still growing or is already established.

Not only do we handle all of the mundane management and monitoring to ensure that your business doesn’t experience any downtime or complications, but we provide you with your own Virtual PBX- giving you the key to integrating how and when you desire. Plus with this package’s inbuilt failover, it is extremely unlikely that you will lose out on any conversions.

If you’d like further information on our Enterprise Package, visit our website.

Are you aware of the scalability of VoIP phone systems now? If you’d like further guidance on how we at s3 Communications Ltd can bring your business at the forefront of growth, get in touch with us on 0345 862 1945 or through our website and we will be more than happy to assess your business so that we dedicate all of our efforts into getting it where it needs to be.

With VoIP and traditional telephony systems becoming a means of the past due to the BT Switch off in 2025, we can give businesses the key to innovation and the tools for surviving and developing in the future. 

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