VoIP and Business Continuity

If you live in the UK, you and the nation will have experienced the horrendous weather that has graced our country over the past couple of weeks. Both storms Dennis and Ciara have hit us at powerful speeds; causing damage to garden fences, trees and even windmills. When such a catastrophic natural occurrence happens, our country suffers; since the first recorded storm in 1766, people have had to pay out for damages on their homes and businesses have had to pay out for their networks that have gone down.

Here at s3 Communications, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver companies with a hosted VoIP communication system that promotes business continuity. When such natural disasters happen, this can significantly affect a businesses communication from loss of clientele or from loss of budget due to repairs to hardware, amongst other reasons.

That’s where we come in- our VoIP systems can give you confidence in their already-installed disaster recovery features and inclusive maintenance. Continue reading this blog post for a further look into why you should upgrade your telephony system to VoIP today, and we can assure you that natural disasters won’t be a worry in future.

What is a hosted VoIP Communication System?

First of all, let’s talk about what a VoIP system is. A hosted VoIP communication system is one singular platform that allows you to bring together all lines of communication; essentially unifying a network of communication. This, in turn, allows for convenience when calling in long distances and it also allows your team to all use the same system seamlessly; ensuring that you aren’t juggling too many at once which heightens the risk of downtime and cost.

Now, how can VoIP benefit you during natural disasters?

Disaster Recovery

Our inclusive disaster recovery ensures that your business doesn’t have to worry; with automatic backups to our server, you won’t have to fret about losing call history or important customer information. VoIP systems are located all on one platform, connecting all networks to the same space so if a natural disaster was to occur, it is easier for us to get you back up and running, as opposed to several non-digital networks.

Daily VM snapshots and nightly backups with retention policies set in place are implemented; this allows us to immediately backup your system in the event of a disaster, to then have it back up and running within the hour- whether that’s to the original location or a new one that provides a better connection. We realise how important it is that your daily activity on our VoIP system is kept accessible and on record. 

Remote Working

VoIP communication systems also give you and your colleagues the opportunity to work remotely. The Office of National Statistics predicted that 50% of UK employees would be remotely working by this year. From this statistic, we can see that offering remote working to employees is becoming more and more appealing because it allows them to balance their home and work life more manageable.

If a disaster was to happen, remote working ensures that you don’t have to leave your home in order to be productive. With one of our VoIP systems that are fully digitalised, you will have the confidence of no downtime while also being able to stay at home and continuing your tasks, avoiding the bad weather.

If you are in the UK and you want to reduce your risks of losing out on business during the bad weather, a hosted VoIP will ensure that your business stays up and running during any type of disaster. A VoIP hosted system is exclusively online, meaning you and your team can all use one network at the same time; keeping you connected with one another and clientele. 

With the British weather continuously changing, upgrade your telephony system to a Unified Communications System to ensure that your business continuity is kept underway. Here at s3 Communications, our services go above and beyond; not only are our VoIP systems affordable but we even include maintenance within our monthly fees; meaning updates, issue fixes and even disaster recovery are fully integrated within our three packages.

For further information on our hosted phone systems or our business as a whole, please explore our website or contact us on 0345 862 1945.

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