Why VoIP Technology is Essential for Remote Workers

VoIP technology is essential for remote workers. More and more people are starting to work out of the office, especially when working for a small business. A study found that people working from home in the UK has increased by a fifth over the past ten years, with there now being over 1.5 million remote workers. This has mainly become possible due to recent technological advances, allowing staff to work from home, abroad, or even just in a coffee shop down the road.

However, the pros of working remotely also come with the cons. For example, it can be tedious setting up computer systems out of the office, finding the most effective ways to communicate, or it can be a struggle using an intermittent phone signal. When it comes to remote work, VoIP is a must-have tool from being an incredibly reliable system of communication. 

Voice Over Internet Protocol is a method of voice communications which runs through the internet. Your voice is processed into packets of data which get transmitted across an IP network; these packets will then be turned back into audio when they reach the other end of the connection. Not only can the technology transmit audio, but other attachments too. Making it even more ideal for businesses.

Does VoIP Allow Real-Time Talk?

The first reason as to why VoIP technology is essential for remote workers is the fact that your staff that can work from anywhere in the world. VoIP systems not only make communication viable no matter the location but it allows your remote workers to connect with each other and clients in real-time, too. 

Does VoIP Allow You To Have Meetings?

For your business to get the best results, sometimes it may be necessary for your staff to speak face to face. However, trying to set up a meeting can be tedious, and the journey to the meeting location can be time-consuming and expensive, too. VoIP technology allows you to utilise video so that you can attend meetings with ease, anywhere. 

Whether it is a video call with another employee or perhaps a customer, VoIP will provide you with a high-quality form of communication; you don’t even have to be in the same room to be in the same place as each other. 

What Can You Share With VoIP?

VoIP technology allows you to stay in touch with more than just a voice; you can share videos, photos, documents and so on. Your colleagues will be able to send files at the speed of only one click and they can edit the data quickly, as well as leave comments. With a VoIP system, your employees can work as a team, regardless of their location.

Is VoIP Cost-Effective?

When you run a small business, your budget can be of a smaller amount. One of the most beneficial factors of VoIP technology is that it is affordable; the operating prices for VoIP are noticeably lower than those of a traditional landline. One reason for the affordability of VoIP is that your company no longer needs separate networks for data and phones; as long as you are communicating via the internet, it is free. 

A VoIP handset is cheaper than the handset of a traditional landline, as well as the cost of setting one up. When employing remote workers, it can be challenging to keep up staff morale, but while you save on travel expenses, etc, why not put that money into treating your employees with a little incentive to keep up their excellent work. Here at s3 communications, we provide our clients with VoIP on a monthly rental basis, to find out more about this, visit our website.

Does VoIP Save You Time?

VoIP eliminates the case of ‘phone tag’ which is where two parties attempt to contact each other, but neither can get hold of the other one. When running a business, ‘phone tag’ can affect sales, and lead to frustrated customers and employees. With VoIP technology, a phone number can be programmed to ring more than one device, increasing the likelihood of someone picking up at the other end.

When done well, employing remote workers can be one of the best choices you could make for your business. For it to be successful, VoIP technology is essential for remote workers; they need to be able to communicate instantly and with ease. At s3 Communications, our team has over 40 years’ combined IT and telephony experience, making your transition to VoIP seamless and hassle-free; we take away the worry of managing and maintaining your own unified communications system. For your free consultation, visit our website or phone us today on 0345 862 1945.

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